chasing edges performance involves the application of breath work to improve performance and recovery, mastering proper breathing mechanics, maximizing respiratory function, and the use of thebreath as a tool to improve control of physiological and psychological states on and off the field.

our services

Intro to Breath Work: Awareness, Fundamentals, & Adaptation 

Fundamentals of State Control

Breathing for Optimal Performance: Pre, Intra & Post Performance Breathing

Mental Skills: Personal Leadership, Chasing Edges, Master Your Mask & Identity, Intro to Understanding Limiting Psychology.

Workshops / Retreats

Intro to Breathing

Exploratory Breath Work Session

Performance Breath Work

Resiliency/Stress Tolerance Training

Environmental Stress Session: Sauna & Ice Tub Cycles

20 Person Moblie Sauna and Cold Tub Rentals

1 on 1 Coaching

Breath Work Coaching For High Performance & State Control

Mental Skills: Personal Leadership, Personal Leadership Tactics, Competitive Philosophy, Goal, Direction, and Desire Setting, Demystifying High Performance, Self Improvement, Optimal Performance Training & Recovery Tactics.

Team Consulting

Pre & Post Training Protocols (Adaptation & Down Regulation)

Exploratory & Educational Breath Work Training & Meditation Sessions

Performance Breathwork, Respiratory Strengthening, Breath Mobility Sessions

Team Metric Analysis (CO2 Tolerance, BOLT, Lung Capacity, MBT, MBH)

1 on 1 Consulting with Team Members & Coaching Staff

Small group sessions (Topics and Tools of Team/Coaches/Players Choice)

On field/Real Time Coaching at practice or in weight room (Mechanics, Techniques, Best Practices)

Strength Staff & PT consultation

Led Recovery Sessions: Mobility, Sauna and Ice Tub Cycles

Leadership, Mental Skills, and Optimization Sessions 

Available for Questions & Conversation after every session, and at all meals.


brian peters

NFL Veteran & Performance Coach

brian cushing

Pro Bowl NFL Veteran

cory gregory

Fitness Entrepreneur

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